At Trinity Church Brighton we believe kids are just as much part of our church as everyone else, hence they are always welcome!

On Sundays, kids stay in our main church service for the first 20 minutes (or so), and we normally have a kids’ talk and song during this time. We then have a short break where kids who are in primary school and below are invited to head out to Trinity Kids while parents stay in for the sermon and the rest of the service.


Trinity Kids has two separate groups: “Mixers” is our group for kids in grade 1-6 at school, while our Creche and Minis group runs from whenever children can sit independently through to reception. Both groups engage the children with age-appropriate ways of learning about Jesus, while having a lot of fun throughout the morning too! A simple snack is provided, so it’s important that we know of any allergies your child might have.

Trinity Kids runs through until 11:30, allowing leaders to plan the morning well, and giving parents an opportunity to enjoy some chatting time at the end of church before picking the children up.

Children are always welcome to remain in the main gathering if you’d prefer, and if you need to stay with them in Trinity Kids to help them settle that’s okay too.


We take child protection very seriously as a church. All our Trinity Kids leaders hold Working With Children Checks (WWCCs) and undergo specific training  to ensure church is a safe space. We always have two authorised adult leaders with children at all times during the activities we run. All our leaders are people that we trust with our own kids in environments set up in ways that promote safe practices.


If you come regularly it’s important to register your kids so we have the information we need to care for them well. If you’re new or visiting, please make sure you go with your kids and touch base with our leaders on anything helpful to know about your child.