Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

We’d love you to visit us at Trinity Church Brighton this Sunday (or any Sunday). It doesn’t matter if you grew up going to church, haven’t been to a church in your life, or haven’t stepped in to a church for years—we’d love for you to come along and bring any questions you may have with you.

If you’re new, you can find all the info about where we are and what to expect below.

When & Where

We meet at 10am on Sundays, in the auditorium at McAuley Community School. Plenty of parking is available, with the best entrance via Colton Avenue, although there are also car parks on King George Avenue and a gate through. Just look for the signs to point you in the right direction once you’ve parked.

If you prefer public transport we’re a short walk from Hove Station, or from Bus Stop 34 on Brighton Road.

What to expect


When you arrive at McAuley Community School, someone will welcome you and answer any logistical questions you may have.

It’s good to arrive a bit before 10 to make sure you have plenty of time to get settled in and find a seat. We have free tea, hot chocolate or barista made coffee available.

When you are ready, take a seat anywhere you like. You don’t need to bring anything to church with you, but things like a drink bottle, a snack, a pen, a notebook and a Bible (if you have one) can all be handy.


Our 10am Sunday gathering is when our whole community comes together. Because Jesus is the reason for our community, our Sundays are centred around learning who he is, what he’s done, and the promises of eternal hope found in God’s word, the Bible.

We don’t hand out leaflets for our service, but you can follow what’s going on via our Sunday Hub.

You can expect a Sunday meeting that is:

  • Open, warm and welcoming to everyone from any background and any walk of life. We know we’re right with God because we’re forgiven, not because we’re good—so we don’t expect anything different of anyone else.
  • Thought-provoking and practical. Jesus isn’t a dead historical figure who has some wise words for life. He’s God’s risen king who is active in shaping who we are—from the big decisions of life to our day-to-day experiences. So when we open the Bible and hear about Jesus, we expect to be changed, because the Jesus is alive and knows us like no other.
  • A celebration and thanksgiving for what God has done for us. We’ll sing about what God has done, we’ll remind each other of the truth, and we’ll pray to God, our Father, who longs to hear from his people.
  • Family-friendly for children of all ages. You can expect to find a segment in each service where the kids will be involved. Kids in primary school or below are also invited to head out for kids programs after the first 20 minutes or so of the service.

Be assured that you won’t be pressured, embarrassed into, or asked to do anything you don’t want to do. You can participate as much or as little as you like. Our one hope is that you’ll hear, see and want to investigate the person who has brought us together.


Grab a tea or coffee and hang around for a chat. We have a wide range of people who call Trinity Church Brighton home, and anyone is welcome.

Midweek opportunities

We don’t only meet on Sunday mornings. During the week there are other opportunities to learn about Jesus and enjoy time together in community. You can find more information on our ministries page.