Sunday Hub

Sunday Hub

Welcome to Trinity Church Brighton. We love that you’re with us!

This is the place to be for more info about our weekly service. Scroll down for helpful resources, a schedule of what to expect today, plus lots of extra information about our church. If you’re new, have some feedback, a question, a prayer request, or would like to get in touch for any reason, why not fill in our contact card?

Today’s Service

Sunday June 11

Song – He is Our God
Apostle’s Creed
Song – His Mercy is More
Kids Talk
Song – Remember The Lord
Big Days @ Brighton
Connect Time (Kids head out)
Ministry Matters
Bible Reading: Exodus 1

(Youth Discussion Begins)
Song – Who You Say I Am
Farewell & Sending

And here are some of the key next steps you might like to take from today’s service as well as some other bits of info. You can always chat to us and find out more about any of this: