Kids are most welcome at Trinity Church Brighton! Every Sunday morning during 10am church we have options for babies, pre-school and primary aged kids. For the first 20 minutes of the service (or so), kids stay in the main service as part of our church family, and we normally have a slot with some kid-focussed content during this time.  We then have a short break where our kids are invited to head out to kids programs while parents stay in for the sermon and the rest of the service.

You’re always welcome to keep your kids with you in the service if you’d prefer, and if you need to stay with them in their kids programs to help them settle in that’s okay too.

Kids Programs

Our kids programs run for normally just under and hour each Sunday. They normally begin with “together time” where the kids are welcomed and might sing a song and watch a quick video. They’ll then break up into aged based groups:

  • Creche: As soon as kids are ready they are welcome in our kids programs and can play with toys in a supervised area and begin to take part in the kids programs when they are ready.
  • Minis (Pre-school aged kids): Our minis group begins in together time and then will have a prepared activity to do together such as a craft. They will often have a short discussion around the bible passage for the week as well.
  • Mixers (Primary aged kids): Our mixers begin with the other kids in together time and then get together to spend some time talking about the bible with a leader. They’ll often have a craft or activity to do as well.

Normally our groups finish up with around 10 minutes left of the service and there is time for kids to have some supervised free time.