Engage Work Faith: The Work of Restoring

Engage Work Faith: The Work of Restoring

How many time-saving devices do you own?  
Yet we can still all feel time-poor; often exhausted, and, at times, close to burning out. Sometimes our bodies are resting but our minds just won’t stop buzzing with what we should or could be doing. How do we wind down enough to find actual rest?

With the help of clinical psychologist Dr Jonathan Andrews (Author of The Reconnected Heart: How Relationships Help Us Heal) and a panel of experts, we’ll unpack this topic in a practical way.  Rest assured, you’ll leave this event with a renewed approach to the importance of rest and some tips on how to achieve it.

We may be designed to work, but we are wired to rest!

This is a conversation that many of our workmates are hungry to have. It is also one that God speaks into throughout the unfolding story of the Bible. Jesus addresses our need for rest – his mission speaks to the whole person: mind, body and soul.

There are limited numbers due to venue capacity so please get in early and buy a ticket for yourself and a work friend (it’s cheaper per ticket this way!).

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