Pastor’s Letter – January 31st

Pastor’s Letter – January 31st

Dear friends

I was super encouraged by our Christmas mission that we ran at the end of last year.

As we reach the end of January (it always goes so fast, right?) and with school starting this week it already feels like we’re well into 2021, but it’s good for us to pause and reflect on how Christmas went. It was a Christmas where we probably had no choice but to try and do something a bit different and I’m glad we gave something a go in a year where it would have been easy to say reaching out at Christmas was too hard!

There are lots of different ways we can try and reach those around us with the gospel of Jesus. We can run things and invite people to come to us, or we can try and find ways to go to them. We can focus on those we know well, or we can try and find ways to communicate with others. We can do things that communicate the gospel clearly, but we can also do things that might be more of a first step toward someone deciding to give the gospel a hearing. We can do things on our own, but we can also do things as a church.

What I liked about our Christmas mission this year is that it was: (1) a way to show some love to people who might never accept an invite to a church event, (2) it was a way to reach out to a whole range of people, (3) it was something that could be a great first step for people in coming to hear the gospel and (4) it felt like something we were doing together.

I’d love to hear what you thought of our Christmas mission, and so can I ask you to please fill out this feedback survey? It’d be super helpful to hear your reflections, both as we go on thinking about how to reach our community but also because it’s great to be encouraged but what God’s been doing. It’s very short, very simple, and I’d love you to fill it out even if you didn’t get the chance to be involved in our Christmas mission last year:


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