Sermon Outline

Sermon Outline

Sermon Outline – October 1

The Love of Grace ROMANS 5:1-11 | MAtt Winter The Great Gospel Love of God Love in the Past: Jesus sacrifice for sinners Love in the Present: Peace with God Love in the Future: Hope that will not let you down   Next Week Guest Preacher: Matt Lehmann

Sermon Outline – September 24

The Gift of Grace ROMANS 4 | MAtt Winter Brains and Bikes Paul’s gospel rewiring: 1. Righteousness is a gift (4:1-8) 2. Righteousness is open to all (4:9-17) 3. Faith is the key (4:18-25) So What?   *Family Tree Diagram: *Link to book referenced, Confronting Christianity:…

Sermon Outline – September 17

The Unity of the Gospel ROMANS 3;21-31 | MAtt Winter Back in time, to a divided Church Paul’s Solution – the new way of the gospel The gospel is going to sort out this church’s: – Unity – Foundation – Hearts So what does the gospel say to our church? – Our unity – Our foundation – Our hearts Next Week Romans 4 | Matt Winter

Sermon Outline – July 30

Taking Our Faith Into The Public Space Acts 17:16-34 | Craig Broman Paul alone in a city of idols What he saw. V16 What he felt. v16 What he did. V17-18a What he said. V23-31 How they reacted V 32-34 Responding to our city of idols? “The true God gives us his flesh and blood, in contrast, an idol demands yours off you.” Les Murray   Next Week Exodus 5:1-6:12 –…

Sermon Outline – July 23

Praying Boldly PSalm 90 | Simon Marshman 1. Fragile creatures and the eternal God. v1-11 2. Fragile creatures learning to pray. v12-17 v12 – we pray as finite creatures v13 – we pray as fragile creatures v14 – we pray as thirsty creatures v15 – we pray as emotional creatures v16 – we pray as worshipping creatures v17 – we pray as…