Sermon Outline

Sermon Outline

Sermon Outline – March 24th

The Death of the Divine MARK 15:1-39 | matt Winter The death of Jesus means: 1. Sin is dealt with: The Cry    2. Relationship can begin: The Curtain   3. God’s heart can be known: The Confession     Reflection for Lent: If God at his heart is full of love, what do you think that means for how he sees you? Who might you tell about Jesus and the…

Sermon Outline – March 17th

The Night of Tests and Trials MARK 14 | matt Winter 1. The Tests   2. The Trial   3. The Gift   4. How we might respond   Reflection for Lent: What’s at the heart of my faith at the moment? How might I serve Jesus, in response to his grace? Next Week Mark 15 | The Death of the Divine | Matt Winter

Sermon Outline – February 25th

Give to God what is God’s MARK 12:1-17 | simon Marshman Who are you? Tenants in breach of contract (v1-12) Made in the image of God (v13-17) Whose are you?   Reflection for Lent: As we journey with Jesus to the cross, what difference does it make to know whose you are?   Next Week Mark 12:18-44 | Simon Marshman

Sermon Outline – February 18th

Entering Jerusalem MARK 11:1-33 | simon Marshman Day 1: (v1-11) The King Approaches, but will you recognise him? Old Testament Passages of note: Genesis 49:11, a promise of the Messiah to come in the line of Judah, and the only other place in the Bible that speaks of a tethered colt Zechariah 9:9, describing the Messiah entering Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey Zechariah…

Sermon Outline – February 11th

I Once Was Blind… MARK 10:46-52 | simon Marshman We all need good role models   Meet Bartimaeus, a role model of discipleship: Bartimaeus, who humbly cries out for mercy, in contrast to the rich young man in 10:17-31 Bartimaeus, rebuked by the crowd just as the disciples rebuked those bringing children to Jesus in 10:13-16 Bartimaeus, the kind of person that…

Sermon Outline – January 21st

Cross-Shaped Discipleship in 2024 MARK 10:1-12 | Simon Marshman   Jarring words for a sunny Sunday Context that helps frame the discussion Regarding Mark’s description of the attitude of the Pharisees towards Jesus, see Mark 3:1-6, 7:5-13, 8:11-15, 12:12-17. Regarding Deuteronomy 24:1-4 referenced in Mark 10:4 and the ongoing debate about divorce at the time, see…