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Sermon Outline – January 10th

Soul Food: God’s Word Psalm 19:7-14, 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5 | MATT WINTEr 1. Introduction 2. Define 3. Defend 4. How does God use his word? 5. Practical Suggestions a. A Healthy Caution Toward Truth b. The value of Systems c. Going deep Link to Tim Chester’s Bible Reading Plan Next Week  Soul Food: Baptism Cameron Munro

Sermon Outline – January 3rd

Soul Food: Prayer Luke 11:1-13 | MATT WINTEr 1. Introduction 2. Define 3. Defend 4. How does God use prayer? a. Big Prayers (11:1-4) b. Bold Prayers (11:5-13) 5. Practical Suggestions Link to Peter Adam’s Prayers A Praying Life by Paul Miller Next Week  Soul Food: God’s Word

Pastor’s Letter – December 20th

Dear friends Politics have been very much in the spot light over the last few months.  Whether it’s state and federal governments exerting more obvious control over our lives in their efforts to control the spread of COVID (think lockdowns, masks & QR Codes), the drama of the US presidential elections, or the tension between Australia and the communist leadership in…

Weekly Readings – December 20th

Mon 21 Dec – Matthew 15 Mon 22 Dec – Matthew 16 Wed 23 Dec – Matthew 17 Thu 24 Dec – Matthew 18 Fri 25 Dec – Matthew 19 Sat 26 Dec – Matthew 20 Sun 27 Dec – Matthew 21 QUESTIONS FOR REFLECTION What have I learnt about God: His character, plans, and purposes? How am I called to respond to this word? (be specific, be practical) What…

Prayer Points – December 20th

OURSELVES | for joy in the Lord this Christmas time; for opportunity to rejoice in him and share that joy with others; for the Christmas gifts we have given to be well received and a blessing. OUR CHURCH | for plans for 2021; for a growing desire to know God better and to serve him more fully in our lives; for the relaunch of our Growth Groups. OUR COMMUNITY | for those…

Prayer Points – December 13th

OURSELVES | for joy this Christmas in the hope that is our in Christ; for time in God’s word & prayer; for a growing desire to bless others through our words & actions; for a desire to share the gospel. OUR CHURCH | for the relaunching of our Growth Groups in 2021: for new members to be included; for new leaders to be identified; that they would be renewed through…