Pastor’s Letter – September 5th

Pastor’s Letter – September 5th

Dear friends

Trinity Church Brighton’s first Digging Deeper is coming up next week.  As the idea may be unfamiliar, let me give you a few details.

We are taking the opportunity to bring all our Growth Groups (and anyone else who wants to come) together for a time of teaching that would not otherwise be possible.  It will also be a great time for sharing with others who we don’t see regularly.

I would like to reframe the topic a little.  It is now entitled “Honouring God, Here and Now”.  In recent decades, our society has been rapidly undergoing significant cultural changes. We, as Christians, need to understand our culture and its influence on us, so we can respond in a manner that brings God honour.  We are going to seek to understand what is happening, how it might effect us, and how we might live faithfully in this time.

There are three sessions, each presented over two nights, on Wednesday and Thursday.  We meet for supper at 720pm, start the session at 730pm and conclude around 900pm.

What’s going to happen on the evening?  Each night will have a presentation, time for group discussion, and opportunity for Q & A.  We will also spend some time praying about what we are learning.

The three evenings stand together as a united whole, so it is important that you try to come to all three (if at all possible).

If you have any questions about Digging Deeper, please don’t hesitate to be in touch and I will attempt to give you some answers.

Cameron Munro
Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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