Pastor’s Letter – November 7th

Pastor’s Letter – November 7th

Dear friends

As a part of my new role I have been asked to start thinking about a conference called “Building Momentum”.  Why am I telling you this?

The conference is all about how churches and Christian organisations might work together more effectively to reach a city.  City to City Europe have a little graphic called “Stages of City Movements” which details these relationships.  At one end of the spectrum is Competition and at the other is Collaboration, with Coexistence, Communication and Cooperation (please, notice the alliteration ;-).

When I think about Adelaide churches, both leaders and members, I don’t see much happening at either end – not much Competition (characterised by mistrust), but also not much Collaboration (working together for a shared goal).  I think we are more in Co-existence (characterised by “ignoring one another”) and Communication (knowing each other, and beginning to talk about more co-operation).

Having said this, there is collaboration within networks including CityReach, CityLight, and of course, our own Trinity Network.  But these networks alone are insufficient to reach our city.

So, what would it take for Adelaide’s churches to collaborate to reach our city?

  1. A shared vision of God.  If we can agree on the essential core – God as Trinity, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the authority of his Word – then we have a shared foundation that may enable us to work together
  2. A shared concern for our city, “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matt 9.36), and in desperate need of a Saviour.
  3. A vision that is bigger than just “our tribe”.  We need a kingdom vision, not just a church vision.

Will you join me in praying for this to happen in our city?

Cameron Munro

Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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