Pastor’s Letter – January 16th

Pastor’s Letter – January 16th

Hi Everyone,

I’m really looking forward to our next three weeks of church. We have Paul Harrington joining us to speak on the topic “Our Work: God’s Plan”. I reckon ‘work’ is a great topic for us to be thinking about at the moment.

Work (And by work I mean work in a broad sense – we work in paid employment, as we study, as we care for a household or for grandkids, or as we keep our house in order, or volunteer)… Work is something that consumes a great deal of our time and energy. It’s a big part of who we are. For many it’s quite central to our very identity – think of how quickly your occupation comes up when you first meet someone and are being introduced! And if work is so significant, then it makes sense to do some thinking about work from a Biblical perspective.

Additionally, I reckon this time of year is a good one to be thinking about a topic like this… As a new year starts off no doubt many of us are looking to start things off well and set healthy patterns. Lots of us too, will be be making changes or starting new things this year. A good chance to think deliberately about how to approach things well.

So I hope you’re able to join us the next three weeks as we get into this topic with Paul. With all the COVID stuff going on we’ll continue to keep services nice and simple and keep doing what we can to run things in COVID safe ways. If you are staying away, do keep in touch and don’t forget there are online options available. You can always catchup on sermons via our website or podcast too.

In Christ,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006