Pastor’s Letter – February 27th

Pastor’s Letter – February 27th

Dear Friends,

Most of us will know some of the history of our church. We started in 2006 as a ‘plant’ from Holy Trinity Church in the city. Since then we’ve been a part of what we call the Trinity Network. When we started the network was only made up of three churches, but over the years the network has grown fairly rapidly. We now have churches in 11 locations around around Adelaide (and Victor Harbor), all seeking to reach people in our local areas with the good news of Jesus.

Excitingly, our network is about to now grow and become 14 churches. That’s right, another three new ones! We’ve spoken a bit about the new church starting close to us, at Tonsley, but you may not have heard that we’re also about to start churches in Mile End and at Campbelltown. All three of these new churches have different stories and reasons why they’ve come about – but like our existing churches, they’re all seeking to reach even more areas and give people more opportunities to engage with Jesus. It’d be great to be praying for our network at this time of change.

Also, while we’re talking about being part of a network, I’m happy to say we have a guest coming to preach for us this Sunday from another one of our network churches. Karl Forsyth is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Church Unley and he’ll be preaching the next sermon in our “the king among us” series. Karl’s my old boss and it’s a great help to me at this time of transition to have him come and open up God’s word for us. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his teaching and find it helpful.

Looking forward to Sunday,

In Christ,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006