Pastor’s Letter – March 20th

Pastor’s Letter – March 20th

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had a great week, and if you were away with the long weekend you managed to get some good rest time in.

This Sunday we’ll be continuing our series through the Easter week. We’ve now finished the various discussions and teaching that Jesus’ gave at the Temple during that week, and we’ll now begin looking at the night where Jesus was arrested, put on trial, and eventually sentanced to death.

That night begins with the account of ‘the last supper’, which is what we’re focusing on this week. We’ll think about the passage and then finish by taking the Lord’s Supper together. This is something we do on the third Sunday of the month anyway, although normally we do it early in the service so our kids can be involved too. This week we felt it made more sense to switch things up and take it at the end of our service, just as a once-off change. I’m looking forward to spending that time together.

I also flagged on Sunday a couple of events coming up soon, and there are some other things I haven’t flagged yet too. I thought I’d just include some details and dates here for you, particularly for those who like to get things in the calendar:

  • March 26: Kids Leader Training Day: Saturday Morning, Trinity Chruch Adelaide. If you’re a kids leader and you don’t already have the details, let me know.
  • March 30: Bible and Bush Evening: 6:30pm at CityReach Marion. A night put on by our partner, Bush Church Aid. Book tickets here:
  • April 3: Annual General Meeting:  After our Sunday Service. Don’t forget this Sunday (March 20) is the last chance for a nomination to our leadership team.
  • April 15-17: Easter: As per normal we’ll have services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, both at 10am.
  • May 1: Simon Marshman’s Commissioning: This will be a big day for our church, welcoming Simon along. It’ll be our normal service time on Sunday May 1st.  It would be a great Sunday not to miss.
  • May 28: Grace Conference: Early warning, we’ll be planning something for Grace Conference on Saturday May 28.

In Christ,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006