Pastor’s Letter – May 1st

Pastor’s Letter – May 1st

Dear Friends,

For those who were able to join us on Sunday, it felt like a special day as we marked ‘an ending’… specifically the end of our interim period between senior pastors.

It’s been a hard patch in some ways. Change always triggers a range of emotions, and we’ve had plenty of change as we’ve said goodbye to Cameron and his family and then subsequently a number of others for various reasons. Between saying goodbye to people, all the COVID chaos, and a number of tough life circumstances that some of our members have been going through, it feels like we’ve taken quite a few hits. This has also meant we’ve had to simplify what we do in some ways and get ‘back to basics’ – simply gathering together on Sundays and through the week to hear from God’s word, and to enjoy fellowship.

Of course with ‘an ending’ comes ‘a beginning’. This Sunday we’re preparing to welcome Simon as our new pastor, and as we do that we’ll also begin to think more deliberately about the future of our church. I, for one, feel like there’s every reason to feel optimistic about what the future has in store. We might have taken some hits, but I feel like God’s been using those hits to teach us and shape us. We’ve seen that there’s actually lots that’s great about focusing on the core things. And although we’re always keen to see growth and more people coming to know Jesus, we’ve also seen that just because we’ve been a little bit smaller it doesn’t mean our experience of being church together is any less rich.

From my point of view I’m extremely thankful for the community that we have at Brighton. Leading a group of people who are so servant hearted and ready to jump in and care for one another has been such a joy. I’m excited to keep journey with you into this next chapter.

I hope you’re able to make it this Sunday. It’ll be a great morning together and I’m looking forward to the service and of course the lunch after too!

With much love,


Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006