Posts from March 2023

Posts from March 2023

Sermon Outline – March 26th

He Came To Save All People Mark 7:24-8:21 | Matt Winter 1. Four Stories The Syrophonecian Woman The Deaf and Mute Man Feeding the Four Thousand Pharisees, Disciples, Yeast and Baskets 2. A Big Point Jesus is able to help anyone and everyone because he is God himself, come to bring Salvation.   Download study notes for Mark’s gospel here Next Week He Came To…

Prayer Points – March 26th

Our Church | We’re praying this morning that as a church we’d be on mission to reach our friends, neighbours and those in our area with the good news of Jesus. We can pray especially for our Easter services; that many might choose to spend part of their Easter with us, and that those who come would feel welcome and excited to think more about the claims of…

Pastor’s Letter – March 26

G’day church, I wonder, what has struck you most from our time in Mark’s gospel? Matt and I were reading from it together yesterday and reflecting on just how compelling Jesus is. Bold and blunt to the extent that sometimes people took offense. Caring and compassionate, even when he was physically exhausted and looking for some rest. Insightful and wise such that he was…

Sermon Outline – March 19

He Came To Deal With Our Hearts Mark 7:1-23 | Matt Winter 1. The Pharisees’ Diagnosis 2. Our Diagnosis 3. Right and Wrong Treatment   Download study notes for Mark’s gospel here Next Week He Came To Save All People | Matt Winter

Prayer Points – March 19th

Our Church | This week we’re praying that we would be a church that would go on being more and more amazed by our God and by what Jesus has done for us. We call this our ‘magnification area’ as we seek to magnify the Lord’s name in our lives. Let’s pray that we would magnify the name of Jesus as a church, praising him on Sundays and in our…

Pastor’s Letter – March 19

G’day church, Last Sunday we reflected on what it means to share Jesus’ compassion for the crowds. Well, this week I’ve got three invitations for you to pass on to people in your life: 1: Do you know anyone who lives in the western suburbs who you would like to connect with a fantastic local church in their area? Trinity Church Lockleys launches this Sunday at…

Sermon Outline – March 12

He Came To Feed His Sheep Mark 6:1-56 | Simon Marshman 1. As with the master, so with his disciples 2. The way of the world and its kings 3. The way of the Kingdom of God and its King 4. Sharing the Shepherd’s heart   Download study notes for Mark’s gospel here Next Week He Came To Feed His Sheep | Simon Marshman

Pastor’s Letter – March 12

G’day Church, Here at Trinity Church Brighton it’s pretty common for us talk about gospel partnership. A couple of weeks ago I highlighted the joy of partnering together financially and the privilege that God gives us of contributing our money to the cause of the gospel in our local church. Read more here if you’re keen to get on board with that. But partnership is a much…
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