Pastor’s Letter – March 19

Pastor’s Letter – March 19

G’day church,

Last Sunday we reflected on what it means to share Jesus’ compassion for the crowds. Well, this week I’ve got three invitations for you to pass on to people in your life:

1: Do you know anyone who lives in the western suburbs who you would like to connect with a fantastic local church in their area? Trinity Church Lockleys launches this Sunday at 10am at Lockleys Primary School and they’d love you to pass on the invitation – or even offer to take them along. Please see the attached flyer or the website

2: Do you have kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/friends/neighbours who are at high school and might enjoy going on an awesome youth camp? Summit Camp is the first weekend of the school holidays and will be a great chance for hearing about Jesus, growing in faith in him and having a great time with a stack of other teens at the same time. See the Events page or chat to Matt Winter for more info.

3. Do you have anyone in your life that you’d love to invite to church this Easter? Easter gives us a great chance to consider who Jesus is and how we’ll respond: Good Friday shows us exactly who Jesus is: the Son of God who gave his life for our forgiveness. And Mark gives us such a cliff-hanger account of resurrection Sunday that we left to ponder what we’ll do in light of it. Easter really is such a great chance to invite friends and family to join us to hear and celebrate the good news of Jesus. But, let’s be honest, sometimes it can feel like we need to be able to tell them everything about Jesus before we even get to the point of inviting them along. That can feel pretty daunting! But the reality is that many of our friends and family would love to be part of a welcoming, kind and loving community like the one that we enjoy – if only they knew that’s what church is like! While our great desire is for them to meet Jesus, don’t be shy to simply invite them to church by sharing with them what you love about your church community. I think that our church family is one of the greatest ways we can help people appreciate how wonderful Jesus is! Church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday will be at 10:00am as usual, with kids staying in as we celebrate the Good News Of Jesus together. Details are up on the website in case that’s helpful to point people to.

Let’s be asking God to give us a great compassion for people who don’t yet know Jesus, and the courage to invite them along to meet him through his people.