Pastor’s Letter – October 8

Pastor’s Letter – October 8

Hi All,

This year we’ve been on quite a journey in the parts of the Bible we’ve studied at church:

  • In term 1 we worked through the first half of Mark, hearing about Jesus, who he was and what he came to do.
  • We then moved into the first part of Romans, hearing about human sinfulness and our need for rescue.
  • In the first half of Exodus, we then saw an amazing picture of our rescuing God, as we saw him redeem the Israelites out of slavery and bring them out of Egypt to freedom and to service of him.
  • As we’ve moved back into Romans we’ve heard of the wonderful Grace of God in the gospel and heard how his rescue is freely available to those who trust Jesus.

I’ve found this really encouraging, as we’ve filled out this picture of our need for rescue, our rescuing God, and how that rescue is available to us in the gospel. As we were encouraged on Sunday it gives us great cause to pause and, with joy, behold God in his great love. And it should also be encouraging us to look to those around us who need his rescue. We’ve been seeing this year that the gopsel really is good news, and that means sharing it with others really is the most loving thing we can do for them.

This Sunday we’ll be hearing more about this as the Lead Pastor for our region, Matt Lehmann, joins us to preach a one-off sermon helping us think about what it means to share the gospel with others. Hopefully this is a great chance to stoke our fire for mission ahead of the opportunities we have coming up in term 4.

I’ll be away this Sunday as I head off on a week of holidays, but Simon will be back with you. See you on Sunday the 15th.


Upcoming Dates:

  • Sunday October 8 – Mission Prayer Meeting. 7:15pm for a 7:30 start.
  • Thursday evening October 17 – “Food That Takes Me Home” (Engage Work Faith event).
  • Friday evening October 20 – Screening of The Last Daughter.
  • Thursday evenings from November 2 – “Taste And See”.