Pastor’s Letter – January 14th

Pastor’s Letter – January 14th

Hi All,

I wonder if you’ve seen this year’s ‘lamb ad’ on TV this week? (For those who don’t know, Australian lamb does a TV ad each year in the leadup to Australia Day, and they’re known for the fun they poke at society and have at times been a little controversial). This year’s ad features the different generations of Australia, divided by literal chasms as they poke fun at each other and blame each other for society’s problems, eventually being brought together by a mutual love of eating lamb. It’s quite funny and worth a watch:

There’s a few things I reckon the ad gets spot on. One is that lamb is delicious (just my opinion, no word from the Lord). But more significantly I think the ad is right when it points out that there does seem to be increasing division across our country. Whether it’s generational, political, or to do with other factors, we seem to be disagreeing with each other more and more, and more and more we’re surrounding each other with those who see things the same way as us. We’re more tribal, you might say.

I wonder if in this climate the church can standout as we stand together in the gospel? The gospel reminds us that we’re all sinners, all in need of the grace of Jesus. The gospel should therefore cause us to grow in humility (something we’ll look at in Mark this week). And gospel-shaped churches should therefore be places of true diversity, where we see increasing understanding, humility, and grace shown between different people, and different types of people.

I think and hope visitors to our church would see a group of people where the generations aren’t divided in negative ways. I think they would see a group of people where the different generations love and value each other. Older generations encouraging, cherishing and championing those younger than them, younger ones thankful for the love and care and godly example of those older than them.

In some ways it seems quite simple, but perhaps this sort of community is beginning to stand out more and more in our society.

On the topic of different generations, we’ve had a great time with all-in church the past couple of Sundays, but we’re also excited that this Sunday we’re starting Trinity Kids for the year. Let’s pray for our kids across the different age groups and our leaders who so humbly give up their time and energy to teach a new generation. We can be praying for more leaders too so that we can keep running this great ministry sustainably.

Upcoming Dates:

  • January 28th – BBQ After Church / Commissioning Paul and Bri Merenda
  • February 4th – Belong (after church, for those who are new, newish to our church)
  • February 11th – Beach Picnic 4:30-7:30, BYO Everything
  • Taste and See – Begins February 22. Details here:

In Christ,