Pastor’s Letter – April 21

Pastor’s Letter – April 21

Hello church,

What does it mean to be a man? Is there such a thing as healthy masculinity? How does a Christian man navigate such questions in the current cultural climate? These are the really important questions that will be considered at this year’s Adelaide Men’s Convention on Saturday May 11. We’re fortunate to have an outstanding speaker in Al Stewart who has done a stack of careful thinking on it all in writing his excellent book “The Manual”. The youtube promo here might give the impression that Al is all chest-thumping, rugby playing and beer drinking (it’s a promo pitched at those who like that kind of thing). But Al is all about gracious, humble service in the footsteps of the greatest man who ever lived. This has the potential to be a great culture-shaping occasion. I’d love all the men (and teenage boys) at Trinity Church Brighton to get along. More info and registrations are here.

Now, if you are a woman reading the paragraph above you may well be wondering if this email has any relevance to you. Yes indeed! First, please encourage any men in your life to get along to AMC – it’s great for any men keen to think the topic through even if they don’t know Jesus. And of course, I’d also love to encourage the women at Trinity Brighton to get along to Grace Conference for women, which will also be an outstanding time in God’s word. But it’s sold out! So we’d love you to know that you’re invited to a ladies dessert night at the Marshman’s on June 8, with Lauren Hull sharing some biblical reflections. In addition to yummy food and great company, this is a wonderful chance for women (and teenage girls) to be encouraged in faith and life under God.

Your brother in Christ,


Upcoming Dates:
Sunday April 28 – Trinity Church Brighton AGM, straight after church
Saturday May 11 – Adelaide Men’s Convention.
Saturday May 25 – Grace Conference for Women.
Saturday June 8 – Ladies Dessert Night at the Marshman’s