Pastor’s Letter – July 7

Pastor’s Letter – July 7

G’day Church,

This Sunday is our last week in the book of Exodus. It’s been an amazing journey that we started out on last year with lessons of God’s faithfulness and power to rescue, and continued this year with his kindness to provide and to be present. I wonder what has stood out to you the most over the time we’ve spent in this wonderful book?

Coming up over the next few weeks we have the joy of welcoming back two great friends of Trinity Church: Mark Peterson from CMS and then Tim Patrick from Bible College SA will each be visiting with us again. It will be great to have an update on the work that God is doing near and far: bringing people into his kingdom, equipping people as his ambassadors and sending them out to every corner of his great world. (I’m taking the opportunity to have the first week of the school holidays off, so we’ll look forward to catching up with you on our return)

Some of you who are on Facebook may have noticed that we’ve started posting a bit more regularly to our public Facebook page. We’ve also stepped into the Insta world too! We’re keen to utilise these platforms to help people get an insight into our great church community and what we’re on about. You might like to follow so you can see what is being posted and use it as an easy step towards inviting friends to come along (see the links below). It’s been great to have a number of new people checking church out recently – and thank you for welcoming them so warmly! We’d love you to have every opportunity to introduce your friends and neighbours to your church family with the great desire that in turn we might introduce them to Jesus.

On a related note, in case you weren’t aware, we also run a private Facebook group which is a good place to share family news. We limit membership of this group to those who are part of our church community, which makes it a great space to share things like the question above: what has stood out to you from our time in Exodus?  Social media is a useful tool as we seek to share the good news of Jesus with our neighbours. But at the end of the day, the wonderful blessing of church is gathering together in person, in the name of Jesus, to learn from his word and encourage one another in faith.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,


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Upcoming Dates:
Monday July 8 – ES Flinders MYC kicks off
Monday July 15 – ES Adelaide MYC kicks off
Wednesday July 24 – CMS Online Dinner. Some of our Growth Groups will be hosting dinners, or join just for a bring-and-share dinner at the Holdfast Bay Community Centre. More info here