Pastor’s Letter – August 2nd

Pastor’s Letter – August 2nd

Dear friends

It’s been interesting, and somewhat alarming, to see and hear some of what has been happening in Victoria at this time.  Obviously our hearts goes out to the people of Victoria – it is a massively difficult time for them and they should be in our prayers.

What has concerned me are the arguments around wearing face masks and that the language of rights being used in a manner that seems to totally deny that there are also responsibilities that go along with those rights.  For some (perhaps many), their main focus is on what they choose to do with little or no concern for the possible impact on others.  It leaves us with scenes like we saw at the Bunnings store in southeast Melbourne.
However, if you think about it, this the logical destination if we only think about our “rights”, and deny any responsibilities.  It’s the inevitable clash of competing rights – one person’s “right” to do as they wish versus another’s “right” to not be infected with a virus.  Who wins?

The Bible helps us think about this in a different way.  Instead of thinking primarily about ourselves, and our rights, we are called to use our freedom to serve others.  Paul explores this in I Corinthians 10 where he writes, “No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.” (I Cor. 10.24 NIV11).  This is just another way of stating the great commandment, “Love your neighbour”.  We are called to lay down our rights to seek the good of others.

This is what lies at the centre of the Gospel of grace.  The Lord Jesus, second person of the Trinity, co-eternal with the Father and the Spirit, laid down his rights, suffering the ultimate shame and indignity of the cross, so that he might bless others, including us.
As we follow in his footsteps, we need to take eyes off ourselves & put them on Him.  As he as blessed us, so we might, in his name and by his strength, bless others.

Cameron Munro

Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton

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