Pastor’s Letter – November 15th

Pastor’s Letter – November 15th

Dear friends,

I’ve been thinking this week about our Christmas Mission and how it can be best achieved. I concluded it is not best achieved alone.

Our Christmas Mission is a task to be undertaken together and with the help of God. It is easy to be dragged along by the Christmas tide of feverish action and business. If this is the case, what then differentiates us, as Christians, from anyone else giving a gift at Christmas?

There are many ways to give at Christmas. We can buy gifts for needy children or donate food to a Christmas food drive or give chocolates to a neighbour. Many beautiful people show care and thoughtfulness at this time of year. As a church, our difference lies in our longing to bring delight and blessing, through hearts that desire God’s glory and know personally the joy Jesus brings.

How do we bring God glory in our Christmas Mission?

We present it before God in prayer. 

We prioritise prayer and listening to God over action and deeds. 

Together and individually, we pray for Gods guidance.

There are many questions we can ask of ourselves and God.

  • Who needs blessing this Christmas?
  • Who needs us to reach out and plant a seed?
  • Who has given to the community this year and needs to be shown thanks and appreciation?
  • Who has made a difference in your life?
  • Who needs support and kindness?
  • Who would you like to get to know better?

I hope this can be a time where we can pray and reflect on our communities as we work together to show the joy of Jesus this Christmas.

Click here for a prayer you might like to pray for our Christmas Mission.

Jane Finlayson
Ministry Trainee | Trinity Church Brighton
0430 071 973