Prayer Points – May 2nd

Prayer Points – May 2nd

OURSELVES | that we would live with hope; that we would not fear; that we would rest in the security achieved by the resurrection of Jesus from death.

OUR CHURCH | thank God for our faithful musicians who serve God & us, using their gifts to help us to praise God in song; for those who will be baptised or make an Affirmation on 23 May

OUR NETWORK | for Paul Harrington, the Network Staff and the Board as they oversee our churches.

OUR PARTNER | for CMS; for Mark Peterson & all who work in the SA/NT office; for candidates to present for service; for the necessary resources to support them; for wisdom dealing with the effects of COVID.

OUR WORLD | for India, its leaders and its people; for wise government; for a will to address the spread of COVID; for international support to enable care for all; for God’s church to be salt & light.