Pastor’s Letter – May 9th

Pastor’s Letter – May 9th

Dear friends

We have Commitment Sunday coming up on May 23 – a day which I’m sure will be a very special day in the life of our church. We’ll have a number of people at varying ages being baptised and making affirmations of faith.

Baptism is a wonderful gift of God. It is a symbolic act only, but a symbolic act which points to spiritual realities. It points to our union with Jesus in his death and resurrection, his bringing us into his church, his causing us to be born again and his cleansing us from sin. Those making an affirmation of faith will be looking back at their baptism as infants and declaring that they will commit to continuing to live Jesus’ way. Given the focus in all this is on what Christ has done, we might very well say that Commitment Sunday is as much about celebrating Christ’s commitment to us as it is about our commitment to him.

With friends and family visiting for the occasion we’re expecting a big crowd to be on hand. The service will feel quite different to normal and will be shaped around this special occasion. Some of our baptisms will also take place at the beach (12:30pm at the end of Wattle Avenue) after the service, although we’ll hear from those people during church too.

For now, can I encourage you to do a couple of things?

First, it would be great to have May 23 in your diary. It’ll be a special morning and you won’t want to miss it!

Second, if you’ve been thinking about whether you’d like to be baptised or to make an affirmation of faith on Commitment Sunday and we haven’t had a chat about that yet, please do let us know. Because of the need to do some preparation and to organise logistics, please let us know by this Sunday (May 9th) at the latest.

Looking forward to a great occasion,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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