Prayer Points – May 23rd

Prayer Points – May 23rd

OURSELVES | for a growing love for God, amazement at his grace, & joy in the privilege that we can be adopted as his children through Christ.

OUR CHURCH | thank God for those being baptised & making Affirmations (Bri, Stephen, Lauren, Luna, Lara, Rebekah); ask for God to strengthen them in his grace; that we all would be encouraged & enabled to be true to our calling as God’s people.

OUR NATION | for wisdom for our leaders as they continue to make decisions about how best to meet to the challenges of COVID; that these decisions would be just & not made for political gain.

OUR PARTNER: BUSH CHURCH AID | for John Warner as he guides the SA/NT Branch; for growth in the church in regional & remote areas; for necessary resources.

OUR WORLD | for a cessation of conflict between Israel & Hamas; for the vulnerable to be protected

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