Pastor’s Letter – June 6th

Pastor’s Letter – June 6th

Dear friends

We think it’s so important that, as a church family, we serve one another as we seek to grow to be more like Jesus. Serving means that we’re able to do the things we love to do and run the programs we’re able to run, but it’s much more than this too. As we serve we express the unity we have in Jesus, participate in his mission to build his church; and generally those who serve will also find they grow in faith!

On Sunday we launched our 2021 Serving Review. The whole idea of this review is to try and ensure we’re serving one another in a healthy and sustainable way. We’d love to keep being a church where lots of us help out in lots of different ways and we’re able to do the things we want to do without particular people feeling burdened.

Over the next few Sundays we’re highlighting particular needs we have at the moment, but in many ways there is no ‘more important’ or ‘less important’ area. It’s like trying to compare the importance of our toes with the importance of our mouth. If we want to be a healthy body every part has great value.

I’m so thankful to be part of a church that serves one another so joyfully and I pray that continues to be something that marks our church going forward.

You can see the details of our serving review at the following link (we’ll be asking every adult member of our church to fill in the response over the coming weeks):

Matt Winter

Associate Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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