Pastor’s Letter – August 15th

Pastor’s Letter – August 15th

Dear friends

I’m writing to you on Tuesday as Annika and I are getting ready to go off on holidays tomorrow. COVID permitting we should be in the Northern Territory by the time you read this, enjoying a nice break! We’ll be back at the end of the month and look forward to seeing you all then.

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for filling out our serving survey through June and July. We had lots of responses and lots of people willing to get involved in different things around church. While there are still areas where we’re slightly more ‘stretched’, it definitely feels like we’ll be able to roster more easily now and reduce the burden on a few particular people who have been serving very frequently! Even more importantly it will be great to see more people getting involved in serving in different ways. In my experience, being involved at church is one of the key things that helps us grow to be more like Jesus.

You’ll hear details about our next roster over the next few weeks. As always there’ll be a chance to mark dates as unavailable and then you’ll be sent the roster and see when you’ve been rostered on to serve. If you ever have questions as all this is happening don’t hesitate to get in touch, either with me, or by contacting Renae who does our rosters (Note we have a new email for this,

Also please do let me know if, when the rosters are organised, you feel like we haven’t listened to what you put in your ministry survey, or we missed something. We’ve worked hard to follow up all your responses over the past few weeks, but there’s always a chance we’ve missed or mis-understood something!

Thanks so much for your ongoing faithfulness even through more COVID chaos the last few weeks. Wasn’t it great to be back at church on Sunday!?

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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