Pastor’s Letter – October 10th

Pastor’s Letter – October 10th

Dear friends

It feels like there’s quite a few exciting things going on in the life of our church this week. First of all I’m excited to let you know that we welcomed a new member late Saturday night – Lydia was born to Chris and Nicole. Big congrats guys!! It’s an exciting week in our family too with our daughter Eleanor being baptised this Sunday.

As we start a new term we also have quite a few things going on around church. We’ll be finishing our series on Genesis this Sunday (and planning to come back for the second half of the book in 2022), and then after having a guest speaker come the Sunday after we’ll be launching into our vision period where we think about what we want for our church in the longer term. We also have ‘guess who’s coming to dinner’ running on Sunday week, which should be lots of fun!

We’re also trying to put some extra energy into mission this term. Many of our growth groups will be doing a special study series for the next few weeks and reading Sam Chan’s book, How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy), together. We’ll then be running a Christmas mission, which will be similar to what we ran last year (you’ll get some first details this Sunday), and looking forward to some hopefully really great and really accessible Christmas services in December. We think the message of Jesus is so important and we hope this term provides some great opportunities for people to engage with it for themselves.

FYI after Sunday, Annika and I are taking a couple of weeks off to catch a break before we head into the ‘silly season’. Looking forward to a great end of the year, and thanks as always for all your support and encouragement.

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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