Pastor’s Letter – December 5th

Pastor’s Letter – December 5th

Dear friends

Thanks to everyone who jumped in and helped or brought things for the farewell on Sunday. I thought it was a great morning, a good send off for Cameron and Karen, but also a great way to mark a significant day for our church.

With Cameron sent off and Summer beginning, I’m expecting a slightly different ‘vibe’ around church for the next while. Summer’s often a time when things are a bit more stripped-back anyway, and as we head towards Christmas it’s a good time to have slightly shorter and simpler Sunday services, with fun things like carols and teaching that is particularly accessible. I know many of our growth groups are starting to wrap up for the year too, and things are winding down as the ‘holidays’ approach.

Summer is a great time for some rest and some hoidays if you can get them, but it’s also a good time to connect with others. The weather’s good, there’s beautiful Summer evenings you can spend with people, and people are in a mood for socialising and celebrating. With Christmas in particular, there are also lots of great opportunities to talk about faith with friends and colleagues and people are more open than they might be at other times of the year.

Can I encourage you to use the Summer well? Try and get plenty of rest, but also stay connected to church, and keep looking for connections with others as well. It’s a great time of year that God has given us to enjoy.

Matt Winter

Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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