Pastor’s Letter – December 19th

Pastor’s Letter – December 19th

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a great week so far. It was great to see so many amazing gifts at our ‘gift swap day’ on Sunday. I hope lots of you have been able to give out your gifts and that for some it’s led to great opportunities for good conversation. There’s a handful of gifts still leftover, so if you missed out you’ll get another chance this Sunday.

As we normally do on the third Sunday of the month, we’ll be taking The Lord’s Supper together this week. At Trinity we think the Lord’s Supper is a wonderful gift from Jesus, given to us to encourage and sustain us, point us back to his grace, and point us forward to the day he comes agian. It’s like a meal that fills us up, except instead of filling us physically (not enough bread for that!) it fills us spiritually.

This week we will be doing The Lord’s Supper slightly differently. Our network has been thinking about things we can do to be as safe as possible, given the recent border openings and the fact that COVID is very much now present in our city, and one of their responses has been to ask us to only take communion using pre-packaged products. These can be distributed before the service, and using them means less movement and contact between people.

When you get to church you’ll see on the seats a little cup of juice, with a bread wafter attached on top. When we take the Lord’s Supper we’ll each open them up, drink our juice and eat the bread together. I haven’t tried one yet, so we’ll see what the taste is like, but they’re prepared with great care and actually make the logistics of communion a bit easier too. You can read about the product we’re using here if you’re interested – (Note, the products are not gluten free, so apologies to those who are unable to use these)

It’ll be a bit odd to do things differently like this, but in the end, when it comes to communion it’s the spiritual food that’s most important anyway!

Can I just flag as well, for those who perhaps have missed annoucements the past few weeks:

  • This Sunday church is at 10am as per usual (19th)
  • The following weekend, we’re having church at 9am on Christmas Morning (Saturday 25th), but there’s no service on Boxing Day (Sunday 26th).
  • We’ll next have church on Sunday January 2nd, at 10am, although on that Sunday we’ll have a bit of a different vibe and no kids programs. The service will be all-age friendly and will be a chance to look ahead to 2022 and particularly to pray.
  • On January 9th we’ll be back to our more usual format, with Daniel Munro preaching for us.

Hope to see you Sunday,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006