Pastor’s Letter – January 30th

Pastor’s Letter – January 30th

Dear Friends,

This week I’m delighted to be able to let you know that we have appointed Jane Finlayson to a new position at Trinity Church Brighton. As most of you will know, Jane has been serving with us for a couple of years in a volunteer capacity while studying at Bible College. We’ve now appointed her to a paid role, titled Ministry Support Worker, for 10 hours a week.

The Ministry Support Worker role is all about helping ministry to happen around our church. That will involve Jane doing a number of the things she’s already been doing, particularly helping services happen on Sundays and leading our Membership area (particularly welcoming). She’ll also be taking over the work I’ve been doing in trying to support our kids ministry leaders. Lots of what Jane does and will continue to do is work that’s behind the scenes, so many of us won’t notice huge changes, but particularly for me Jane’s appointment will be a huge help as we make our way through this interim period. (We’ve appointed Jane in a casual capacity and will make decisions about the long term future of the role once our new Senior Pastor, Simon, starts in May).

In talking about staff team changes it of course also raises financial questions about budgets and things. For those who are interested we’ve used money that had previously been in our budget and allocated towards admin support to fund Jane’s role. If you’ve been keeping track you’ll know that the church used its surplus last year and so is now in a ‘net zero’ position. Given we’ve gone from two full time pastors back to one for several months, it does give us some leeway to get through this year financially. Still there’s a question as to whether we’ll be able to keep two pastors in the longer term, which will depend on giving levels for this year.

Our church does depend on the generosity of its members to be able to exist and run ministries, and of course giving joyfully to the work of God’s kingdom is a wonderful way of responding to his grace to us. With that in mind I think it is good to review your giving from time to time and consider how we might generously invest in what God’s doing among us with the resources that he’s given us. (There are many ways to give and details are on our website, here. Do get in touch if you need help with the practicalities)

We’ll be giving more information and specifics around our budget situation (and how the staffing changes of this year affects it all) in the coming months, but if you ever want numbers and specifics you can always talk to our treasurer, Paul Wight. For now though, will you join me in thanking God for Jane’s appointment and in praying that he’ll use her greatly in this new role?

In Christ,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006