Pastor’s Letter – February 13th

Pastor’s Letter – February 13th

Dear Friends,

We’ve got a bunch of things happening at church this week. Firstly, as part of ‘launch month’ we’ll be sending off three of our families who are helping to ‘launch’ a new church at Tonsley in the coming weeks. Trinity Church Tonsley is a plant that Trinity Church Colonel Light Gardens has been working towards for a couple of years and it’s exciting to see the church so close to starting.

Of course changes like this come with a level of grief; at Colonel Light Gardens they’ll be saying goodbye to around half their church and although we’re not saying goodbye to as many, these things are still hard. Still, we’re commited to follow Jesus’ commission (Mt 28) and keeping to try and reach our local communities, and make disciples. And although that task often comes with a cost, it’s still a great joy to see new churches starting and growing. I’m praying that as a new church starts at Tonsley, our church at Brighton will keep looking outwards and trying to reach people in our area with the gospel, and that both Tonsley and Brighton will be healthy growing churches.

As well as saying goodbye to those at Tonsley we’ll also be hearing this week from the Prins, who have just finished their time as missionaries in Cambodia. We’ll also of course be gathering together in great sadness following Rob’s passing this week.

Looking forward to being together,

In Christ,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006