Pastor’s Letter – March 13th

Pastor’s Letter – March 13th

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had a great week so far. I know some of you are getting ready to head away for the long weekend, in which case I hope you have a restful and safe break. For those who are around, we’ll be looking forward to another Sunday service together as we look at Luke 21, our last week before we begin looking at the Easter account. (While I’m at it, I know we have a few who are having to isolate at the moment or unable to do much with COVID issues… love to you guys too!)

When it comes to holidays and weekends away, to me one of the things I look forward to most is a nice long road trip, preferrablly with a good audiobook or podcast on in the car. I find the drive is always a great time of switching off and getting into ‘relaxation mode’. On that topic, I thought I’d take the chance to tell you about two podcasts – maybe if you’re heading away this weekend getting one on in the car would be an enjoyable thing?

The first one is our Trinity Church Brighton podcast. I know lots of us are aware of it already, but if you’re not, it’s a podcast where we upload all of our weekly sermons for you listen to anytime. I know some like to go back and re-listen to old series, some of our kids leaders like to listen to it when they’ve missed a sermon due to leading in kids church, and others use it to catchup when they miss a sermon while on holidays. That can be a helpful thing, as you can follow along more easily to a series. I’m also aware that we have some people, who we’ve never met, listening to our church podcast these days – one or two people have contacted me out of the blue in the past few weeks to let me know that they enjoy listening.

Technology makes it so easy to do these days too – just get a podcast app on your phone or something like Spotify, and then you can subscribe to our podcast here: You can also listen via our website.

The second is a great podcast I recently listened to, by one of our partners, the Church Missionary Society. ‘The Heart of Mission Podcast’ was put together after this year’s CMS Summer Conference was unable to go ahead due to COVID complications. It’s five episodes long, and each episode is encouraging and thought provoking. The big topic for the year was around the question of ‘whether or not we should still be sending overseas missionaries’. I found this an interesting thing to think through, and it’s true that mission is probably a lot different these days to what it was even 30 years ago. I was also, however, encouraged by the way God is using missionaries today in amazing ways, and enjoyed having my eyes lifted to what he’s doing all over the world.

You can subscribe to the Heart of Mission Podcast here:

In Christ,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006