Pastor’s Letter – April 3rd

Pastor’s Letter – April 3rd

Dear Friends,

We’ve got a few big things in our calendar at church over the next few weeks. For those who weren’t around on Sunday, here are some of the details:

  • This Sunday – AGM (+ Daylight Savings Change): After church this Sunday we have our church Annual General Meeting. As well as dealing with some formalities, it’s a great chance to hear how things around church are going and to think about where we’re at. We’ll do our church service as normal, take a short break, and then come back together for the meeting. It should go for only 20 minutes or so. We’ll have some documentation available on the day, but for those who like time to read and look at it in advance – here’s a link to look through: quick extra note as well, daylight savings changes in the early hours of Sunday morning so try to remember to change your clocks and things if necessary. The good news is we’re putting the clocks back this time, so if you get it wrong you’ll be early to church and can help us with setup!
  • Easter – April 15 and 17: Easter’s only 2 and an half weeks away and we’re looking forward to our Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. On Good Friday we’ll have a reflective service with singing, readings and prayer. On Sunday our service will be a bit more ‘normal’ as we celebrate the Resurrection together. Both are great opportunities to bring someone to church and we have stacks of cards available to take and give out – come along on Sunday to grab some! (Both services are at our normal 10am timeslot)
  • Simon’s Commissioning – May 1: Only a couple of weeks after Easter, we’ll be welcoming our new Senior Pastor Simon. It’ll be a great day of celebration and one not to be missed. Again, another opportunity to invite someone to church – ‘it’s a big occasion, so why not come along and check out the new guy?’ Cards are available for you to use when inviting people along to this as well. We’re also planning a shared BBQ lunch after church, and we’d love people to volunteer to bring along some fruit, a salad or to help with the BBQ. Let me know if you think you could help out?

Hope to see you Sunday, and looking forward to all of the above!


Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006