Pastor’s Letter – May 22nd

Pastor’s Letter – May 22nd

Dear Friends,

As I write this, it’s election day tomorrow. As you read it, there is every likelihood that you’ve already cast your vote. Politics in our present age matters, because it is a privileged opportunity for us to influence the shape of the society we live in. It is one small way we can love our neighbour by seeking the good of the wider community rather than just our own self-interest. And it struck me that even though many of us live in a marginal seat, we might still find ourselves wondering whether our vote will actually make much difference at all. How remarkable it is, then, that in his surprising wisdom and great kindness God invites us to be a part of his grand plan! If you have any desire to make a difference in this world, how good is it that we can be part of what he’s doing to make all things new.

But whatever the outcome of the federal election, it is wonderful to know that the Lord reigns over all. That he knows the end from the beginning. That he has been working throughout history to see his good purposes come to pass. And his purposes are ultimately to bring all things together under Christ. So right wing, left wing, Liberal, Labour, Crossbench – whichever box you tick on the ballot paper, the wonderful reality of what God is doing transcends any such divisions. And Church on Sunday after Election Saturday will be a great reminder that ultimately we put our trust in the Prince of Peace, that the government rests on His shoulders, that He will reign forever. Praise God for Jesus!

In Him,

Simon Marshman

Senior Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0401 387 908