Pastor’s Letter – June 19th

Pastor’s Letter – June 19th

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had a great week so far. I know lots of you have heard that the Winters have had quite a bad run of sickness lately. Thanks for all those who’ve messaged and been praying for us – you’ll be glad to know that we’re all feeling a bit healthier again this week which has been a great relief! I’ve had to miss two Sundays in a row and I’ve missed being able to be with you all, so I’m especially excited to be back this Sunday.

As we’ve been going through Ephesians this term I’m sure we’ve all been struck by lots of things, but one thing that I think has stood out really clearly is that the blessing of being brought into God’s family and looking forward to his eternal promises has implications for the present. As part of his family, his body, we’re part of his project of building up his church, both in terms of building it in size and building it up in maturity. And that’s a pretty exciting thing to be a part of but it’s also a pretty serious responsibility!

In my absence the past couple of Sundays I know we’ve spoken about a couple of the key ways we can be part of building his church at Trinity Church Brighton at the moment – with our finances and by serving with our time. This week we’ll be introducing a way for you to respond on both of these fronts. We’ll be giving you a booklet with lots of helpful info and with two response forms – one where you can respond with information about how you might serve and one where you can anonymously respond with information about how you can contribute financially.

There won’t be a need to respond immediately on Sunday – these are things we should take a bit of time over as we reflect and pray, and we’ll have the forms available over the next couple of weeks. All the info and forms are also available online so you can respond through the week. But we would like every person (or when we’re talking about financial giving, every household or giving unit) to respond to both forms. Even taking the time to reflect on both things and responding by telling us that you’re happy with how you’re contributing at the moment and don’t want to make any changes is still a really helpful thing.

We’ll have the booklets ready for you to take and have a look at this Sunday, but you can also have a sneaky early peek at everything online right now so you can start thinking. Feel free to use the online forms to start responding too, if you’re ready. It’s all available here:

See you Sunday,

Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006