Pastor’s Letter – September 11th

Pastor’s Letter – September 11th

G’day church.

On Sunday I mentioned the upcoming Marriage Enrichment night at Trinity Church Adelaide on Thursday September 29. It will be a great time for married couples to refresh and reflect on their marriage. There will be some really helpful insights and encouragements on ways to grow closer together. You can find more info on our website.

As we heard in Ephesians chapter 5 a couple of months ago, marriage matters because it is designed to reflect the covenant faithfulness of God to his people. It is meant to be a relationship of service, love, and enduring faithfulness. That doesn’t mean we should idolise it, but it does mean that it takes a lot of hard work! So, if you’re married can I encourage you to get along to this event. And whether you’re married or not, can I encourage us all to use this as a prompt to pray for marriages in our church, that they would indeed reflect the relationship between Christ and the church. Pray also that our church would be a community of encouragement for people in all the circumstances of life as we enjoy the fellowship we have together in Jesus.

Your brother in Christ,

Simon Marshman
Senior Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0401 387 908