Pastor’s Letter – January 15th

Pastor’s Letter – January 15th

G’day Church.

I was down at the beach yesterday morning meeting with someone from church. It was a glorious morning: the sun was out, the sea was sparkling, the sound of happy kids drifted on the gentle breeze. It struck me that this is the kind of place that people long to visit on holidays – and yet it is our own back yard! It’d be so easy to drift into a sense of contended complacency, living the good life, quietly happy with our good luck in life. I think that’s how many of our neighbours live. And yet we know there are two big problems with that approach: on the one hand, such a mindset ends in a disaster of eternal significance. On the other hand, there is a much greater and more certain hope to be found in Christ. But the sun is warm, the beach so inviting, and the “good life” so enticing… So let’s keep reminding one another of the hope we have in Jesus, which is better by far:

  • Growth Groups will be recommencing soon. If you’re in one, keep an ear out for news from your leaders. If you’re not in a Growth Group, but would like to be, simply send me an email  and we’ll do everything we can to help you enjoy the rich blessings of gathering together around God’s word during the week.
  • CMS Summer Conference on January 21 One Message-Diverse World “Join us as we explore what it means to proclaim one life-changing gospel message to a diverse world. We’ll learn from CMS Gospel workers, be challenged by uplifting Bible teaching, and enjoy rich fellowship and worship together.” More info here.
  • Engage Work Faith half day conference on February 11, ReFrame-Prayer “Guilt and shame can surface due to our rushed prayers sandwiched between the commute and team meetings, yet something within us years for a vibrant prayer life. Our powerful God longs to answer our prayers and offers a deeper connection to himself.” More info here.

And of course, we’ll keep learning about and celebrating Jesus in our Summer of Hope throughout January.


Simon Marshman

Senior Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0401 387 908