Pastor’s Letter – February 19th

Pastor’s Letter – February 19th

Hi Everyone,

I want to let you know a two updates about our family.

The first update is some big news for the Marshman family. Seven months ago, a member of our broader extended family gave birth to a little boy, but is unable to care for him. After lots of careful consideration and a fairly complex process, this week this little boy has joined our family, under our guardianship, to grow up with Peta and I as his Mum and Dad and our kids as his siblings. Having been entrusted with the privilege of loving him as our own son, we’re so thankful that we can surround him with the love of his new church family too, and ultimately introduce him to the great love of his wonderful Heavenly Father.

The second update is some good news about our church family. Many of us will be aware that one of the most tangible expressions of our gospel partnership is in our regular financial giving. Trinity Church Brighton doesn’t receive any external financial support and our ministry is only possible by God’s generous provision through the sacrificial giving of his people. And he is indeed generous! We saw such an increase in giving last year that we were able to meet our expenses by the end of 2022, having been in a very different position earlier in the year. And in January 2023 our monthly giving came to $22,359 compared to our budgeted expenses of $21,037. Praise God! He has been so kind to remind us of the great privilege of sharing in his work, even at cost to ourselves. If you’ve not yet commenced partnering with us financially and are able to do so, can I encourage you to prayerfully consider how you might contribute to the work of the gospel growing and flourishing in 2023. You’ll find relevant information on our website (HERE).

God is so good! Isn’t it wonderful that we get to share together in the love of our Heavenly Father, serving joyfully as his children, delighting to see him at work in us and through us, for his glory and our joy.

Your brother in Christ,