Sermon Outline – May 14

Sermon Outline – May 14

The Problem Of Sin

Romans 1:18-32 | Simon Marshman

v18-23 The heart of the human problem: our failure to treat God as God


v24-32 The problem of the human heart: “God gave them over…”




Of many great books that we could recommend, here are three by Tim Keller:

  • Reason For God: belief in an age of skepticism. This is an outstanding book for those who want to explore the very good reasons there are for believing in God as he has made himself known to us in the Bible and through his Son. Great for skeptical non-Christians too!
  • Counterfeit Gods. Keller has done an outstanding job of helping us unpack our modern forms of idolatry. This is a great book for those who struggle to see themselves in Romans 1:18-23, as well as those who are all to painfully aware that this is them.
  • Prodigal God: rediscovering the heart of the Christian faith. For those who feel the weight of guilt cast upon them by Romans 1:18-32, this book tenderly reminds us of God’s amazing heart of grace


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The Problem Of Sin – Romans 1:18-32 – Simon Marshman