Pastor’s Letter – May 28

Pastor’s Letter – May 28

Hi All,

Hope you’ve had a great week so far. In this week’s email I have a couple of quick reminders, then I’d love to share about something exciting we’re starting at church over the next couple of weeks.


  • This Sunday we’re putting aside some time for Q+A. If you have questions coming out of the last few weeks we’ve spent looking through Romans, we’re hoping this will be a great forum to ask some of those and chat about them. You can ask questions on the day, but even easier why not email a question through to over the next couple of days? That way you can ask questions sort of anonymously too (we won’t share who asked the question on Sunday, although Simon and I will see who the email’s come from, hence only ‘sort of’ anonymous!). As always – no question is off limits!
  • I shared on Sunday that we have an event coming up at church for those who are new or ‘newish’ to Trinity Church Brighton. It’s called ‘Belong’ and we’re running it twice, encouraging you to make it to one of the two events. The two dates are June 18, a lunch after church, and June 22, a Thursday night dinner. More details to come, but get one of those in your diary!


We’ve been talking for a while about how we can make Sundays more helpful for our high-schoolers. We know it’s not always easy for this age group at church. You’re a bit beyond kids programs, but sermons can often be quite complex and working out how to take the concepts and apply them to life at high school isn’t straightforward.

So, what we’ve decided to try is this:

  • On Sundays during school term, youth will be invited to head out of church once the sermon’s finished and into the gym. A leader will help the youth discuss what they’ve heard in the sermon, and chat through questions they might have. There’ll also be some special snacks to look forward to!
  • We’re also going to provide journals for our youth. These will be available to grab each Sunday, and then can be returned after church so you don’t have to worry about losing them. They’ll be a place where youth can take notes on the sermon, and will also have some basic tips about how they might listen to sermons well.

I’m hoping if you’re a high schooler or a parent of a high schooler, this is something you can get behind and get excited about. We really want to be helping our high schoolers work out what it looks like for them to belong to the body of Christ as they grow older. Of course, hopefully all of us will be excited by this – I know we all deeply value the youth who are amongst us!

See you Sunday,