Pastor’s Letter – August 27th

Pastor’s Letter – August 27th

Hello Church,

This Sunday after church we have the second of our two evangelism training sessions with the team from Engage Work Faith. All the feedback I’ve had from the first session was that people found it really helpful and we’re all looking forward to Part 2. The material has been carefully prepared so that Part 2 is going to be really helpful regardless of whether you were able to get to the first session or not. We’ll be considering how we can help our non-Christian friends ‘get curious’ about Jesus, planting the seed of curiosity to find out more about him and his significance.

The logistics for this Sunday will be similar to Sunday the 13th: rather than going into the gym for coffee and morning tea after church, we’ll all head over to the Community Centre hall after church. Please come for a cuppa and chat, even if you can’t stay for lunch. And please stay and enjoy the fellowship over lunch even if you can’t stay for the training. Lunch will be ready to go at 11:30 and we’ll kick off the training by 12:30, with a firm end point at 1:30pm.

We’ve got a variety of yummy home cooked soups for lunch, along with plenty of hearty breads and some kid-friendly options. Please email me if you’ve got any specific dietary needs. It is helpful if people to contribute $5 per adult to cover costs and it will the queue will run more smoothly if you’re able to do that ahead of the day using this link (, or you can use cash on the day.

Looking further ahead there are a number of opportunities for us to help our friends get curious about Jesus:
Sunday afternoon, September 10: Belair “Hike and Coffee” 
A relaxed walk to the kiosk and playground, with the option for adding on a more energetic hike for those who are keen. This will be a fun hang-out for us as church family, but also a low-key opportunity to invite your friends from school or work to come along, knowing it will give them a chance to meet some of your church family.

Thursday evening October 17 – “Food That Takes Me Home” Engage Work Faith event
Friday evening October 20 – (To Be Confirmed) Private screening of The Last Daughter 
These two events are both designed to be a fun night out that will prompt reflection and discussion, being openly Christian without imposing a particular perspective.

Thursday evenings from November 2 – “Taste And See” 
This is our four week gospel overview course that is designed to introduce people to Jesus in a really warm and winsome way. It is built around four meals that help convey the significance of the gospel: Week 1 we’ll enjoy a vegetarian banquet and hear about God’s good creation, week 2 we get greasy fast food fingers as we come to understand the dangerous attraction of sin, we share a roast dinner on week 3 that points us back to God’s great redemptive work, and the fourth week is a multicultural feast that points us forward to the wonder of the new creation to come. Let’s start asking God to provide opportunity to invite our friends along to this.