Posts from October 2023 (Page 2)

Posts from October 2023 (Page 2)

Pastor’s Letter – October 8

Hi All, This year we’ve been on quite a journey in the parts of the Bible we’ve studied at church: In term 1 we worked through the first half of Mark, hearing about Jesus, who he was and what he came to do. We then moved into the first part of Romans, hearing about human sinfulness and our need for rescue. In the first half of Exodus, we then saw an amazing…

Prayer Points – October 8

Our Church | Today we’re praying for our ‘Ministry’ area and that we would serve each other well. We can give great thanks especially for the 90 (!) people who are regularly involved in serving formally on Sundays, and pray that God would keep providing the people we need to make our Sunday services happen. Our Network | We’re praying today for…

Sermon Outline – October 8

Faithful to the Message Acts 10:1-48 | Matt Lehmann Do we believe what we believe? To be faithful to the message we need to: (a) Know who needs to hear the message. (b) Be clear on delivering the message accurately. Pretty lame in comparison…   Next Week Guest Preacher – Jack Hamer
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