Prayer Points – February 18th

Prayer Points – February 18th

Each week we pray for our church, our network and our world. If you would like to let us know about prayer points for the Pastoral Care Team to be praying about please fill out our contact card here.

Our Church | We’re praying today for our Membership area. Let’s pray that we’d be a church always willing to love and welcome newcomers to our community. We can pray for our hosting teams that they would help people feel comfortable when they visit our gathering, and pray for all of us that we can open our lives to each other and welcome in those who are new to us.

Our Networks | We’re praying today for Engage Work Faith workplace ministry. We can give thanks for the Reframe conference yesterday and pray that the ministry would do a good job of supporting and equipping workers to speak to their colleagues about faith.

Our World | This morning we’re praying for justice in our world. Let’s pray to the God who cares about those who are oppressed and forgotten and bring before him all of those who have been mistreated, misplaced or had lives uprooted by conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

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