Prayer Points – March 24th

Prayer Points – March 24th

Each week we pray for our church, our network and our world. If you would like to let us know about prayer points for the Pastoral Care Team to be praying about please fill out our contact card here.

Our Church | We’re praying today for our staff and leadership team. Let’s give thanks especially for the way our leadership team (Grace, Jane, Lauren, Mike, Paul, Stephen + Simon) faithfully serve us in many ways and ask for God to continue granting them great wisdom.

Our Networks | We’re praying today for Trinity Church Woodcroft. Let’s give great thanks that 5 years ago today, we sent out this church so that more people could hear the gospel in a new area. Let’s pray for a great day of celebration at Woodcroft this morning. We can pray that God would continue to grow this church’s confidence in the gospel and that he would bring bear fruit among them.

Our World | This morning we’re praying for our workplaces and the community groups we serve with. Let’s pray that these would be places of blessing and places where we can be lights for the gospel.

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