Sermon Outline (Page 2)

Sermon Outline (Page 2)

Sermon Outline – December 31

FOLLOWING JESUS INTO 2024 & BEYOND MARK 8:27-9:1 | Matt Winter Three things to consider as we enter a new year: 1. The Question We Must Ask   2. The Mistake We Must Avoid   3. The Life We Must Live   Next Week Mark 9:2-29 | All-in Church | Matt Winter

Sermon Outline – December 17

Christmas & The Dragon Revelation 12:1-17 | Matt Winter Revelation 12 helps us: 1. Be real about the world at Christmas time: The dragon lurking   2. Have real hope at Christmas time: The dragon hurled down   3. Worship the real hero of Christmas: The dragon slayer   Next Week Lunch on Sunday, Christmas Morning Service on Monday

Sermon Outline – November 5

The Freedom of Grace Romans 6:15-7:6 | Simon Marshman The question: does grace let sin off the leash? Illustration one – set free for a new master Illustration two – the fruit of death or the fruit of life Illustration three – freed for relationship in a new household   Next Week Romans 7:7-25 | Simon Marshman

Sermon Outline – October 15

Wisdom’s Worldview Proverbs 8:1-26 | Jack Hamer Why are you a Christian? The Scene Set 1. Wisdom is not hidden 2. Wisdom is truth that leads to flourishing 3. Wisdom is more valuable than riches 4. Wisdom is the very pattern of creation itself 5. Jesus is creations redemption   Why are you a Christian?   Next Week Romans 5:12-21 – Matt Winter

Sermon Outline – October 8

Faithful to the Message Acts 10:1-48 | Matt Lehmann Do we believe what we believe? To be faithful to the message we need to: (a) Know who needs to hear the message. (b) Be clear on delivering the message accurately. Pretty lame in comparison…   Next Week Guest Preacher – Jack Hamer

Sermon Outline – October 1

The Love of Grace ROMANS 5:1-11 | MAtt Winter The Great Gospel Love of God Love in the Past: Jesus sacrifice for sinners Love in the Present: Peace with God Love in the Future: Hope that will not let you down   Next Week Guest Preacher: Matt Lehmann