Sermon Outline (Page 2)

Sermon Outline (Page 2)

Sermon Outline – November 13

Give Us Matthew 6:25-34 and 1 Timothy 6:6-19 Simon Marshman Don’t you know you have a father in heaven who loves you?   ‘Give us today our daily bread.’ What does this mean?   1 Timothy 6 and what this might look like Godly Contentment Godly Discontentment “Joyful dependence on God’s generosity to you that overflows in your joyful…

Sermon Outline – November 6

Your Kingdom Come Matthew 13:24-52 and Matthew 6:10 Matt Winter What does this mean? Link to God’s Big Picture: Click Here Why would we pray for this? We’re praying for: His kingdom to come in us His kingdom to come in others Jesus to come again How should this shape us? It shapes our: Desires Mission Hope Next Week Give us each day | Simon Marshman

Sermon Outline – October 9th

A Time To Celebrate Esther 9:20-28 Simon Marshman Discussion Question: What are the things that you enjoy celebrating?   The Underdog Wins. Esther 9:20-25   A Rescue Worth Celebrating. Esther 9:26-28   A Rescue Worth Remembering. The Lord’s Supper   Question to consider: What is your story of God’s rescue? Who can you share it with this…