Sermon Outline (Page 3)

Sermon Outline (Page 3)

Sermon Outline – January 21st

Cross-Shaped Discipleship in 2024 MARK 10:1-12 | Simon Marshman   Jarring words for a sunny Sunday Context that helps frame the discussion Regarding Mark’s description of the attitude of the Pharisees towards Jesus, see Mark 3:1-6, 7:5-13, 8:11-15, 12:12-17. Regarding Deuteronomy 24:1-4 referenced in Mark 10:4 and the ongoing debate about divorce at the time, see…

Sermon Outline – January 14th

Finding Greatness in 2024 MARK 9:30-50 | Matt Winter What does a ‘great life’ look like? How – can I go about being great in the eyes of Jesus? 1. Look to Jesus 2. Serve, but not to get things back 3. Serve, but don’t make it about you Why – would I want to go about being great in the eyes of Jesus? 1. You’re doing it for Jesus 2. Eternity is a…

Sermon Outline – January 7th

Listening to Jesus in 2024 MARK 9:2-29 | Matt Winter Who do you listen to? 1. The Transfiguration: Why we should listen to Jesus. 2. The Healing: What listening to Jesus should look like. 3. Listening and looking to Jesus in 2024. Next Week Mark 9:30-50 | All-in Church | Matt Winter

Sermon Outline – December 31

FOLLOWING JESUS INTO 2024 & BEYOND MARK 8:27-9:1 | Matt Winter Three things to consider as we enter a new year: 1. The Question We Must Ask   2. The Mistake We Must Avoid   3. The Life We Must Live   Next Week Mark 9:2-29 | All-in Church | Matt Winter

Sermon Outline – December 17

Christmas & The Dragon Revelation 12:1-17 | Matt Winter Revelation 12 helps us: 1. Be real about the world at Christmas time: The dragon lurking   2. Have real hope at Christmas time: The dragon hurled down   3. Worship the real hero of Christmas: The dragon slayer   Next Week Lunch on Sunday, Christmas Morning Service on Monday

Sermon Outline – November 5

The Freedom of Grace Romans 6:15-7:6 | Simon Marshman The question: does grace let sin off the leash? Illustration one – set free for a new master Illustration two – the fruit of death or the fruit of life Illustration three – freed for relationship in a new household   Next Week Romans 7:7-25 | Simon Marshman