COVID Safe Info

COVID Safe Info

Latest: We currently are required to wear masks at church, and are allowed to sing while wearing masks.

We’ve done lots of work to think about what it means to go to church in a way that’s COVID Safe and appropriate. Not only do we wish to submit to our governing authorities, but we also think that being careful is a way of loving those around us, particularly the more vulnerable in our community. We hope that with these requirements in place we can all feel comfortable about attending church. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or concerns.

Physical Distancing

With the 3 per 4sqm rule, our church a capacity of over 200 people, so there’s plenty of room to space out and find a place to sit where you’re comfortable.

As per government requirements, we encourage you to leave a 1.5m gap between others when you’re entering and exiting church and mingling afterwards. This means we don’t encourage things like hugging and kissing and also influences how we do things like running kids church and setting out our chairs (rows are 1.5m apart). We also encourage people to move chairs around if that helps them feel more comfortable.

Stay Home if Unwell

We’re encouraging those who have any respiratory symptoms (eg. cough, runny nose, fever) to stay away from church. If you stay home we have available an online version of church, provided by the Trinity Network, so that you don’t miss out completely. Our sermons are made available online each week too. We also encourage people to get COVID tested.

Wash, Wipe and Cover

We have hand sanitiser available, are careful with hygiene, are thinking carefully about how to safely serve tea and coffee and for the moment we aren’t serving food. Please sanitise your hands when you arrive at church!

We also don’t handout leaflets, but instead are making lots of helpful info available via our Sunday Hub. You also might like to bring along a “church pack” with a few basics in a bag (e.g. a pen, a bible if you have one, a notebook, a drink bottle and snack if you need one)

Record Attendance

We are required by the government to make available our COVIDSafe check-in QR code, which you are required to scan when you attend our church. When you arrive you’ll see the QR card available in a number of places and we have welcomers who can help you to check in. If you don’t have a phone we can revert to pen and paper records. All your data goes to the government, is deleted after 28 days and can only be used for COVID tracing.