Prayer Points – March 21st

Prayer Points – March 21st

OURSELVES | for a growing confidence that our King will return; that we would live courageous & loving lives in his name to bless the world.

OUR CHURCH | for our Youth Ministry; thanks for the leaders and youth who attend; thanks for the new members who have been invited; pray that they would grow in faith & love for God.

CMS – N&R | pray for a smooth transition back into life in Australia; for the country where they served in turmoil; for the protection of the people.

OUR NATION | for a willingness in all areas of society to confront & change attitudes and actions which are disrespectful & destructive; that we would recognise where we may need to repent.

OUR WORLD | for the distribution of COVID vaccines; for the restoration of democracy & the rule of law in nations where this is under threat or absent.