Prayer Points – April 11th

Prayer Points – April 11th

OURSELVES | that we would be faithful servants of the king, serving him with the resources he has entrusted to us, as we await his return.

OUR CHURCH | for the upcoming GRACE Conference – for many to attend, for it to be a great time of encouragement for our women; that the rebuild of the facility we use for Kids Church would not be too much of an inconvenience.

OUR NETWORK | for Trinity Church Woodcroft; that they’ve reached their 2nd birthday in good heart, with many having joined us since our launch; for each member to grow in their ability to share their testimony & a gospel outline.

OUR NATION | for our leaders, Federal, State and Local; for the roll out of the COVID vaccine.

OUR WORLD | for nations & leaders to desire peace; for constructive dialogue between rival powers.